The power of silence
The power of silence silence stories
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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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I have learned and used the power of silence in my life.

The power of silence

by bernardtwindwil

Be silent so you can listen

Do not use silence in order to think of what you are going to say next. Listen and paraphrase what the other person is saying. Remember it.

Silence allows you to see into the soul of others

Silence allows you to detach yourself from pettiness. You can listen to what a person says and perhaps more importantly to what they do not say.

The charisma of silence

By remaining silent you have the commanding voice. When you are silent people turn to you for your words. When you are silent you earn respect for your restraint.

Silence puts you in control

Have you ever heard the old saw the first one who blinks loses. The first one to speak loses. When you are silent people have to STFU in order to listen to your POV. Eye are on the silence.

In silence there is wisdom

The attractiveness of silence

One of "true American" shibboleths is "the strong and silent type" or "a man of few words" or "the silent man of mystery" . There is a mystique associated with silence.


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