The peerless rose
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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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The peerless rose

by bernardtwindwil

Its beauty radiates in a centrifugal nebula of grace Its hues' a spectral display magical for the eyes to embrace

Her lips, her cheeks, her heart all of them colored by the rose's rouge No unguent can cure the ails that come as the roses confuse

The velvety lushness of the blossoming petals just as her skin The colors, the passion like notes from a Stradivarius violin

Love, like the rose, has its day regaling in the glory of the sun Expands to its own demise like love fading and wilting till none

Of grace and beauty abide within or without yet it stays in the vase Prideful, hurt, or habituated to its presence no reason. just because

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