The moon, loon, dune, in June
The moon, loon, dune, in June moon. stories

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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The moon, loon, dune, in June

by bernardtwindwil

Wandering the wild shore among the dunes The sunset colored the peaks in glowing gold In the shaded purple folds, gray gnarled driftwood was strewn In anticipation of the moon I strolled

I love the cold white light of a waxing moon A heavenly body my path to unfold To illuminate foot prints where they were hewn Alone with dunes and beach by me patrolled

From high atop the sand a moonlit lagoon The V-shaped ripples from waterfowl, look, behold The surface like molten glass behind the loons Man cannot dominate that which I behold

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