The language of poetry

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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I am not a great poet. I am a great thinker. Poetry helps to communicate those lofty and esoteric thoughts.

The language of poetry

by bernardtwindwil

Elizabeth Alexander

The language of poetry contemplates power, possibility, and language itself as a tool of progressive transformation.

Leonard Cohen

Called for “a revelation in the heart rather than a confrontation or a call-to-arms or a defense” in considering what is needed for healing the divide

Vassar Miller

“Poetry, like all art, has a trinitarian function: creative, redemptive, and sanctifying."

Patti Smith

When I’m sitting down to write a poem I’m not thinking of anyone. I’m not thinking about how it will be received. I’m not thinking it will make people happy or it will inspire them.

Bernard Windwillow

The language of poetry speaks to and for the heart. It is a language all mankind understands. The most complex and intricate thoughts can be expressed through the language of poetry.

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@FilterlessMe Oh yeah she is one of the absolute greatest poet and songwriters of our time. I am so happy that you read her work.

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love Ms. Smith