The Janitor's Closet (alt version)
The Janitor's Closet (alt version) stories

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A tale of ancient romance.< br/>Do not do this.< br/>Do as I say not as I do.

The Janitor's Closet (alt version)

by bernardtwindwil

Mr. Niemiller droned on concerning the verse structure of various sonnets. Time for me to make my move. I announced I had diarrhea and had to go. I knew that would not brook discussion.

Sue was waiting for me as pre-arranged. She was wearing her cheerleader uniform with the short skirt. Convenient. We lunged toward each other. We embraced with a searing kiss. It burned my toes

She unbuttoned my shirt. I removed her panties and put them in the left pocket of my letterman's jacket. She finished slightly before I did. We grabbed the pass/batons we had brought.

I handed Mr. Niemiller the pass/baton. He droned on as he set it on his desk. A folded note landed on my desk. My BFF wrote, "That isn't our hall pass."

I peered at the pass/baton with widened eyes. It was Sue's hall pass. A different color. The seconds ticking by to the end of the period were an agony. I wrote a note warning Sue.

I went to football practice and Sue went to cheerleader practice. After practice, I walked to my car. Shot the breeze with a few buddies, and pulled my keys out.

Shock and embarrassment lit my face like the 4th of July. I threw the panties under my front seat. The following morning I was called to the dean's office. Sue was sitting there embarrassed.

I whispered, "Why are you here?" She whispered For going to cheerleader practice without panties." "How about you?" "Dunno yet." The dean walked out with the pass/baton in his hand, Sue's .

It was an "aw shit" moment. I followed Dean Morosky into his office. He mad dogged me. "Explain!" "I'm a victim of circumstances". "Try harder." "Witchcraft?"

"Dean Morosky, there are certain details a gentleman cannot divulge. But whatever it is, it is all my fault." He called for his secretary. "Please show Miss Huber in." Sue was in tears.

We shrunk under the dean's glare. "Why do I have the idea that both of your events are associated?" I said, "Perhaps a prurient imagination?"

"You two get to your classes. But be forwarned that I am on to you." "Yes, sir." We both mumbled. We gathered our books and headed for our second-period classes.

As we walked together to the classrooms. "Sue, I have your panties in my car." "Bring them to the janitor's closet with you this afternoon. I may need a spare."

That's it, folks.

This is a historical fiction. True except for a flourish here and there. Sue married the guy she was dating when we were together. She is a great grandmother now.

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