The enveloping touch
The enveloping touch deepthought stories
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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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Thoughts that came to me yesterday as I walked around outside my wife's dentist's office. It was a beautiful day for me. Not so much for my wife.

The enveloping touch

by bernardtwindwil

Nameless shades of gray clouds scud across the sky. Herded by a soft wind embracing my cheeks and breathing softly through the wisps of my hair.

The wind is a warm zephyr of pale green. It promises a spring rain. If only I could enfold myself and go with this breeze to places I can't be seen.

Places where my heart doesn't break from seeing the savagery and desolation of the young people whose lives I cherish. The breeze is warm and moist like a lover's breath flowing around your neck

A Baby Ruth candy wrapper rise from the caliche and tries to learn to fly. Sweetness has stained the inside. I want to go with it. Fluttering across Texas.

There are more names than I can recall being whispered by this breeze. Invitations or incantations being sung inside my head.

The joy and honesty left by the breeze's caress will sustain my efforts. I smile at the breeze. It is not a dying time.

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