The darkest hour of my darkest day
The darkest hour of my darkest day stories

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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I may have spoken 20 words or less
of this subject. I have never told this
story to anyone but Adrienne

The darkest hour of my darkest day

by bernardtwindwil

The big yellow bus

Humming and grinding slowing and climbing it snaked through Cummings Valley By Cache Creek to pick up McNally

38 pre-adolescents

Some dreading the day ahead It came to me my Dad was dead I lolled over how bad it would be I had been orphaned poor me

Sitting in class expecting the news

The minutes ticked by on the classroom clock Then through the door my Mother in shock She was often bat shit crazy no reason at all I knew the cause today as I joined her in the hall

Some preacher hired by the school

Informed me of what I had already known I reaction as always as cold as a stone By death abandoned I was alone To logic I'll cling while on my own

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