Technicolor Dreams

Technicolor Dreams art stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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I have lived long enough to see my dreams come true.

Technicolor Dreams

A poem of struggling for dreams by Bernard T. Windwillow

I strain I trudge struggling rediscovering That which spent my lifetime hovering

About the frayed edges of semi-conscious Imagination artistic morphogenesis

Dreams in Kodachrome and Technicolor Finger paints, oils, and bright Magic Markers

Offered insufficient vibrancy to satisfy Nor my psychedelic purlieus dignify

Entrée d' acte 01s 5B26F7 blue Screen comes alive dreams come true

Corel, Gimp, and Adobe must be learned To ratify my dream scape no longer spurned

The learning curve is so doggone steep I study and experiment instead of sleep

My body is old and hard to command But my brain is nimble and quick to demand

Learning the codes and menu navigation I sail the seas charted by imagination

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