Sleazy nights
Sleazy nights stories

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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Just a ditty reflecting
my loathing for cities.

Sleazy nights

by bernardtwindwil

In the rude now untimed flickering of neon glare Crumbled curbs banks of the river Styx of despair

The flotsam of social despair flowing in Phalanges Like bodies of untouchables floating on the Ganges

Young maidens in long lines from a Grecian urn Innocence waiting on corners for a trick and a turn

Darkened barancas off the grimy streets Beckoning degradion for the indiscrete

Coping comes for $20 from needle and syringe Contaminated poison sold for your last binge

Homeless huddle pathetically in stinking packs Just an aroma away are two star rotten snacks

The city grotesque and grimy in full daylight Becoming the detritus of corruption at night

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