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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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Love is a word bandied about ad nauseam . The description some people give to their toxic relationships and call it love is an abomination to real love. Many of the poets here write serially about these clinical level obsessions they term as love. You have a cognizant distortion in your lives that is telling up is down and down is purple.

Romantic dreams

by bernardtwindwil

Ahhh....the ecstasy of romance

Why do you think a powerful psychotomimetic drug got the street name ecstasy? Everyone wants to relicate that feeling that your hormones and brain chemicals release upon attraction for a mate

Romance is not love and love is not romance

Giving a rose on St. Valentine's Day is romance. Sitting up all night with a sick child so she can sleep is love. That wistful smile is romance. Fishing with him instead of a ballet is love

Love is not sex and niether is romance

We are driven by deep genetically determined forces to seek out a mate. That is not love nor is it romance. It is lust. We do ourselves a disservice by denying our basic biology .

You will never find love in a toxic nor unrequited affair.

There is no such thing as "summer love" that is merely a temporary romantic dalliance. If your attraction and affection are not retiurned, it is not love.

Romance is not necessary for love but it helps.

You don't fall in love in days, weeks , or even months. It takes weathering hardships for love to form. Love is an emotion that is based on rational and logical decisions. Romancehastens love.

So many people are cluless on what love actually is.

Attraction comes first and then if all is OK comes affection it may progress to libidinous satisfaction Romance can come into play as a catalyst in these early courting rituals.

Love is a complex cognitive emotion. It isn't a single event

One develops intimacy based on mutual sign There is another aspect which is passion (lust) When these are coupled with a mutual commitment love can develop. Romantic, no?

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