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Reflection of love stories

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Reflection of love

by bernardtwindwil

I don't remember being in love I don't recall feeling it

In all the romantic affairs of the heart There wasn't one cherished for The idyllic walks, the meeting of eyes The touching and brushing of finger tips

I remember saying, "I love you" with no permanent intent

It just seemed like the thing to do I wanted a mate for the moment I did not need a mind meld for eternity Saturday night was enough I'll throw in Sunday brunch Monday begins another quest

There was pizazz but no magic Kissy-face was thrilling

If there came more, I cherished those moments between the sheets Or in the back seat

I had no expectation of permanence Neither did she or she

I steered clear of needy chicks There were phony guys that aimed for them Their conquests were numerous I did not find it humorous

The predatory type had a physiognomy They channeled Dean

And sometimes Brando shabby jacket hands in pockets shoulders hunched cigarette appended to lips an earring Shuffling walk permanent sneer They were as cool as a zombie's fart

I wrote a poem for each of "my girls" a token

We had fun playful days in the sun Two happy youths with no issues Friends with privileges is the term now I loved them but not in love with them satisfaction

I married without the least illusion of love She neither

She would be the vessel of my progeny I would be her ticket to the States Love was never entered into the equation Yet there was anguish aplenty

My word is my bond indentured to honor sacrsant vows

I was the one fettered to the vows I made Her behavior she owned was not honor bound To thine own self, be true

My first feeling of love on an enchanted evening I saw her

From first sight, I felt this emotion and thought Physical attraction, healthy lust, the milieu There was a vibrating energy drawing me And her we met and the world went away

I was intrigued by my feelings and this young woman

I told her up front that I was married She told me that made me safer We danced I can't dance but we danced She was shockingly intelligent

She was taken as a political prisoner and executed

I knew what love was now By God, I was going to find some more I just had to rid myself of this German whore I got custody of my kid and rid of the Hun

I set up the parameters and demanded near compliance.

I found her forty-two years ago. I knew waht to loodk for and what to avoid

Every day is happier than the day before.

We both made an honest commitment to have a lifelong love affair.

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