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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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Reading this could lead
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by bernardtwindwil

If I can leave one thing to all my grandchildren...

It is to question. Question everybody. Question everything. Question your existence. Question what you are taught. Question what you see with your own eyes. Question what you think and feel

The seven whys

I learned from an old holy man. Question why on seven levels to get to the truth. When you get an answer to your first why continue to ask why six more times. You'll irritate people. So what?

Be aware that for crazy there is no why

Why implies a reason. Reason implies rationality. Many people are irrational. Don't waste your time, even if they are sexy.

The five "Ws" and one "H"

Who, what, when. where, why, how

On reaching maturity. There is one highly critical question!

If I do (insert behavior or action) then what are all the possible ramifications and consequences? I cannot stress this enough.

Why did you turn the page?

What are you looking at?

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