Perfect has no definition
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Perfect has no definition

by bernardtwindwil

I have heard the word used for about 70 years

That's perfect. You're perfect. Wow, she's perfect. He is soooo perfect. This car is perfect. This house is perfect.

If everything is perfect, what is imperfect?

Is "perfection" what we all strive for? What happens if we fall below the mark? Is there any value in being imperfect?

Whe gets to call perfection?

If you tell me perfect, does that mean you are more than perfect to be able to judge what is and what is not perfect?

Perfection is a condemnation

Perfect can never get better. Perfection can never change because any change will be imperfection. If you are perfect you cannot even get a cold or a subtan.

The quest for perfection is a quest for nothing

In order to become perfect, you must become something that you are not now. Why bother? Why endeavor to be anything other than what you are.

The true quest is just to be.

To be. To exist. To seek perfection is to escape from freedom. By seeking perfection, you are chaining yourself to an illusion.

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