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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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I have been working on this for two months to get it right. It is of my basic life.


by bernardtwindwil

Pain is real

There is no dignity in pain Nor should the cessation Bring any sense of shame

Pain creeps in

It begins with little twitches like raising the volume It binds you in stitches Threatening to subsume

Pain wraps around your brain

It screams an alarm rising in crescendo telling you its harm leaving no inuendo

Pain claws from inside

It swarms around your eyeballs It travels down your spine Like a Hakken sprawls on your sanity dines

Pain makes you its monster

Kind thoughts no longer control Every light a blinding flash becoming an enraged troll You blindly rage and slash

Pain is a proceed from heartbbreak

No matter how you're crushed Gigantic boulder from on high Or lover where you placed a trust Pain signals be relieved or die

Pain control or fuzzy high

Herbs and potions may abide the use of those made an evil And to you woe betide a torture most medieval

Stop dreaming, pain never ends

You can take off the edge with a shot, swallow,or pill they'll knock you off a ledge Not a good remedy if they kill

Pain can be controlled in your mind

Our minds have set a threshold We can raise or lower it let cogitation take hold move away from pain's pit

You must not let pain define who you are or who you can be

redefine pain redefine loss Pain can be made to rearrange Show those bastards you're the boss Then make pain your vehicle for change

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