on taking a human life
on taking a human life plottwist stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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Not really a plot twist. A twist in expectations maybe.

on taking a human life

by bernardtwindwil

There are just some things....

although unpleasant, that must be done. A task assigned a task completed. I drew the short straw. We were all professionals.

You have to follow.....

standard operating procedure. Collateral casualties must be avoided at all cost. The target must never know what is coming.

Timing is critical.....

because you don't want to let anyone suffer because of your inadequacy. The mission is to get in and get out with no fanfare.

This operation is clandestine.....

You know you must never tell anybody and if need be, die before divulging the truth.

I set myself up for a clear view.....

of my target. When Grandmother turned to look out the kitchen window, I moved silently and swiftly knife in hand. I sliced a small piece of the dressing and sampled it.

Last year Grandmother poisoned the entire family....

with spoiled turkey dressing.

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