On a stormy winter's day
On a stormy winter's day winter stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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I have wanted to write this true story 60 years ago. I will never forget.

On a stormy winter's day

This is a true story. It has an a-b-c-b-a rhyme scheme which is called an envelope quintain. The meter is in a heptameter.

dove grey tinged with black storm clouds boiling from the Pacific blows unimpeded from the bay morning in lab scientific blustering afternoon crowds

we walked with our heads lowered large raindrops pelted our faces shoulder to shoulder we trudge down "Teley" to choice places respite in a spot renown

from the bitter winter wind in the womb of Cafe Midi down a juicy French burger for warmth, we were so needy cafe au lait Berkeley blend

we seal a friendship for now she invited me to her flat we wrote our chem lab notes the rain danced a pitter-pat on the curtained bay window

huddled together on the floor where we quietly fell in love never knew when the rain stopped we cuddled while we fell in love we stayed there an hour or more

we rolled and smoked us a joint it was good Berkeley Boo or maybe Acapulco Gold the deepening shadows grew feelings played a counterpoint

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