No! You're wrong.
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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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This is what I have learned about you.

No! You're wrong.

by bernardtwindwil

I do get it.

In the past year,

I have read 902,799 of your words. But who is counting? Sydney I think.

In the past year,

I have followed 2,713 of you on commaful.

In the past year,

I have been followed by 2,111 of you.

In the past year,

I have written 238 stories. 45,360 of you have read what I had to say. 3, 613 have liked what I said.

In the past year,

I have read and liked 5,060 of your works and commented on them.

In the past year,

I have been able to hear you. I have been able to put my finger on your generational pulse. I have received feedback from you.

For the most part,

You're afraid. Nothing in your world seems fixed or reliable. You don't think your parents or other adults, "get it". You are afraid you won't get a decent job. You fear for your planet.


You fear any little thing about you being exposed on social media. You fear your peers won't accept you. You fear violence, mass murder, and psychopaths. You fear everything is getting worse.

In the past year I have,

felt your anger. You are angry what my generation and 6 or 7 previous generations did to your planet. You're pissed at the state of society and the world filled with pain, hunger, and death.


You're angry because your future has been stolen. You're angry. You're angry because our greed has wrecked the economy for you.

In the past year,

I have heard your cries from the wilderness. You feel lost in life. Lost in love. Lost in your own self-realization. Lost and alone deserted in this economy. Lost for retirement funds.


Lost because higher education costs too much and one degree doesn't hack it anymore. Lost because there are too many confusing choices.

In the past year,

You are under too much pressure, you can barely breathe . Our expectations of you are higher than reality. You are stressed because of the pressure from social media and peer pressure.

Stress and pressure

You are under pressure to find "Happiness" when it seems to be non-existent. There is pressure to grow-up when no adult around you is grown-up.

In the past year I have learned,

That you are beyond sad. That clinical depression is at epidemic proportions. You are sometimes so depressed you cannot function. You don't get out of bed you don't eat.

Sadness and depression

In depression you cut yourselves, puncture yourselves, starve yourselves, and deride your own existence. You are in gross underestimation of your greatness.

In the past year, I have learned,

You want to travel. You want to see the tourist traps and the secluded corners of Earth. You want adventure and luxury. You don't want to miss out before it turns to ruins.

Travel and adventure.

You want to be a passenger into space. You want to Tweet your experience to your friends and the world. You love to go to festivals and concerts.

In the past year I have learned,

You are worried about shitty part-time jobs. You are worried about the ballooning educational loan payments. You are worried about the crumbling infrastructure.

Worry and doubt

You are worried about our failure to end racism. You hate the waste of money on the "War on Drugs". You worry about our triviality.

In the past year I have learned,

You are constantly connected, incredibly computer literate, and your smartphone is as much a part of your life as your heart or lungs. You live and breathe by online data.

Connected and networked

Your spontaneity is connected to the dataverse. You are proud of your spur of the moment flexibility. You are not disengaged as some think. You are disgusted by older generation luddites.

In the past year I have learned,

To respect you, to listen to you, to learn from you, to stop worrying about your future, to relax and know that the planet is in good hands.

Warning and wisdom

You must take control of your own destiny. You absolutely must engage the political, economic, and educational system. Conquer and prevail.

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