Nizhoni, walk in beauty and harmony
Nizhoni, walk in beauty and harmony stories

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Nizhoni, walk in beauty and harmony

by bernardtwindwil

If I can show you the sacred mountains

you will believe in what I say

watch the bright shafts of moonbeams

making shadows, lighting pathways

in the desert, we're hardly breathing

because the beauty is so profound

I reach my hand out to you gently

you take it smiling tenderly

while no one's watching but, you and me

with you beside me, it makes me cry,

it makes me wonder at starlit skies,

knowing that, you will be with me

now and forever in folds of time.

words lose meaning when we are gazing

at great creations, at unknown forces

beyond understanding with our small minds

what preacher's blessing, or ornate pageantry

can explain the mystery that's so sublime

we cannot borrow, or grant in boon to,

or lose by carelessness, this regal gift

we see the majesty of our world

Coyote howls it has great meaning

I hear creatures keening, communing caution

while we are standing on our path

it's wrapped in harmony, and jewels of turquoise

they're set in silver just like the moon

encircling your face

If you have visions as yet unborn

please share them with me

I am yours

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