My first love? A no brainer
My first love? A no brainer firstlove stories

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My first love? A no brainer

by bernardtwindwil

Her name was Mabel

I love her more than myself. She loved me right back. Sometimes I spent the night in her bed. Some nights I would sneak her to my window and she would stay there all night.

She taught me what love meant.

She would not let me do dangerous things when she was around. She would protect me from threats with her own body.

I loved her and made sacrifices for her.

I would save my dessert and other treats from my school lunch to bring to her as soon as I got off the bus. She would smother me in kisses and put her head on my shoulder.

I knew she would never leave me.

It was unspoken that we would be together until the end. She didn't go to school with me but she went everywhere else I went. She would not leave my side.

She always met me halfway.

She never asked more than I could give. She never guilt-tripped me. I knew her expectations. I felt comfortable and safe around her.

She was beautiful.

She was my first love, my teacher, my constant companion, and my muse. She let me know that I was the only boy in her life.

She finally left me.

I have mourned her loss ever since that day when my Dad told me that Mabel had to be put down. I knew that I would search the world and find another such love.

Mabel was a Morgan

She was from a bloodline that recedes in history. But Mabel had offspring, issue we called them. They go on and her bloodline goes on.

Mabel was perfect in everyway

I know that there are other horses but there are no other Mabels.

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