My favorite fairy Queen

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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This is a true story but condensed.

My favorite fairy Queen

by bernardtwindwil

I walked into the mess tent

There was somebody sitting all alone. I was a new guy here so I decided to sit by the lonesome person.

I introduced myself

Hi, my name is Country Tom. May I sit? Suit your self came from the lonesome stranger. I kept passing the time of day.

When the strange person got up the person spoke

My name is Queenie. Glad to meet you Queenie. No you are not. Are you gay? Not yet.

The conversation continued.

The other guys will think you are if you sit by me. I don't give a shit what the other guys think. I know who I am. They don't. They don't know who you are either.

Queenie retired for the night.

Queenie slept with the women's detachment. She wore flamboyant negligees at night She never had to pull perimeter guard. All female soldiers were excused from that duty..

We were attacked at night

Rocket and mortars exploded deep within the camp. Sappers cut through the wire. I was watching the lightening. I ran for a bunker

Too close for comfort

I was hit by a concussion wave from a satchel charge. It rang my chimes. I fell unconscious exposed to heavy enemy fire. I was helpless. I thought well, this is it. Adios My Friends.

I awakened being cuddled

Queenie had seen me go down. Her bunker mates were dead. She took an M-60 machine gun and fired it single handed. With the other hand she pulled me by the collar into the bunker.

My Queen in shining armor.

She shielded me from enemy fire until I came around. We fought side by side until our ammunition ran out. Then we fought hand to hand.

Queenie became a Knight that night.

We were both decorated for valor. I would not have survived had Queeni not pulled me to safety at the risk of her own life. She got sexual reassignment surgery after the war.

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9 months agoReply
@erofaer I knew that about your name as it is how I think of you. Perhaps more fairy princess for a while. Fairy was a pejorative for gay men. She dropped off my radar back in the late 70s when I was gone overseas so much.

erofaerSilver CommaHow can I be impressive in one sentence?
9 months agoReply
You always have such great stories, and I really like this one. Do you still know her? My real name means fairy queen.