Monster and Tanner go fishing
 Monster and Tanner go fishing goldfish stories

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Monster and Tanner go fishing

by bernardtwindwil

Tanner was a rescue beagle

Tanner showed up at our front door the day of a severe ice storm. She moved in and stayed for 23 years.

Monster was a black kitten that moved in from the barn

Monster was unnamed until he attacked a box fan and broke it. He was a charmer though. He became Tanner's BFF.

Los Banditos

Monster would jump up on the cabinet and swat the bread bag off to the floor. Tanner would disembowl the bread and the two would feast on their ill gotten gains.b

When goldfish are released to the wild they become huge carp

Who hasn't seen the goldfish swimming around scizophrenically in its small bowl?

Next door to our farm was a nursery.

The nursery was a top-drawer establishment. They sold terrestrial plants and aquatic plants. They also stocked a large supply of exotic Koi Carp which are nothing more than overgrown goldfish.

I noticed the smell first

On deeper examination, I found dead carp scattered around my front yard. I thought nothing of it at the time. We had three ponds on the farm. I have seen the Los Banditos fishing at one.

We went to the nursery to buy some tomato plants.

The nursery was in a twit. They were placing plastic herons around their pond to keep bird predators away. They said that they had lost thousands of dollars worth of Koi in the past month.

I confronted Los Banditos

The guilty look as they slunk away told me all I needed to know, The pair were the Lords of the Koi Cartel.

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