Miracle on Powell Drive
Miracle on Powell Drive miracles stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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Not with Thanatopsis will I dwell in any repose. Because death and dying really blows.

Miracle on Powell Drive

Unable to even pant In confusion, I rant Brain starved of O two Bidding me adieu Grandchildren here It's very clear Before their eye I cannot die I will not shun If she calls 9-1-1

Only one meat wagon Left to make the run E.R.s are full No strings to pull A bed opens in Austin For to be tossed in It is a specialized place That well knows my face Mainly dealing with hearts Supplying new parts

My lungs filled up with crud Drowning in my own blood Survival was a long shot Then in walked Dr. Bhatt He said he could save my life That would please my wife I'll give you diuretic pills And use some other skills Also keeping death at bay Was brilliant Laura Calais

My brain was gone somewhere They shoved tubes everywhere Nurses worked day and night Tuning my heart just right 70 pounds of water were drained My poor heart and lungs had retained My pacemaker got an upgrade So my beats were all man-made I started to breath on my own I was now dry as a bone

Given a new shot at life To be with my kids and wife Knowing that much was given My life would now be driven My life has been heresy I need to make a legacy My expectations are great I surrender my fate What legacy could be cooler Than be remembered a commafuller

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