Mating rituals of Homo Sapiens'

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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A tale of drama and romance

Mating rituals of Homo Sapiens'

by bernardtwindwil

The primal glance

Oh my, is she ever symmetrical. Those accoutrements for nursing babies are humongous. And she has an ample pelvic foramen for easy childbirth.

Strutting behavior

She has decorated her hair. Awesome. Oh, and a bone necklace. I put on my hunting and war trophies. Our eyes meet the knowing stare passes. The meeting is set.

The tryst

The guard is set. No moon. We touch as we look up at the night sky resplendent with stars so thick they became milky stripes. Naturally, this enhanced the tryst leading to the....

The mating

We both reclined on the mat woven from the fur of the Ovis aries. All the stars or the heaven sprinkled their kindness. This boded well for the eventual coupling, blessed by the stars.

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