Love is

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Love is

by bernardtwindwil

There is a solid no nonsense reason for what we call "love"

Attractiveness is critical. Anatomical ability to seed and birth progeny to provide for species survival are critical. "Love" can then proceed.

Mating and attraction rituals

Each culture has a specific set of attraction rituals prior to the act of mating that assure proper seed deposition. Attraction criteria come in before actual mating.

Male seeding and female pelvic dimensions.

Prior to gestation, the male and female gamete must be compatible to form a zygote. There a limiting anatomical considerations which must be met to assure compatability.

Cultural and physical requirements need to be compatibe.

Once the criteria are satisfied, the hormonal and neuropsychological phenomenon we call "love" commences. Those visceral and coporeal responses are "love"

Species specific fertilization

The two gametes must form a zygote for the force driving us to continue as a species This is the way homo sapiens enact immortality.

Yes, "love" does exist. "Love" is

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@midnightaria Thank you. It took me a few years.

a year agoReply
Beautiful and insightful, about the mystery that is love <3

emmahernndezBronze CommaI love kind people. INFP.
a year agoReply
I'm going to answer your question to my song here. I don't know which genre is but I imagine it being played by an acoustic guitar. I gave it a rhyme but, you know, it doesn't convince me. Though I keep singing it with that rhyme, of course.

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I found it amazing and at the same time funny how you explained the feelings of love as the natural need for procreation it is. i can't wait to explore more of your gallery :)

plutoSilver CommaPlanets man
a year agoReply
wow. very insightful. the gif of the monkey was funny haha