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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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I became concerned when poet after poet wrote about these tragic love affairs. I saw some common threads. I feel compelled to speak out. I realize that there is a two-generation gap. Nevertheless, I believe that I may have some points worth listening to.

Love is easy

by bernardtwindwil

I read of cataclysmic collapse of all life on these pages

I also read of life-long Canadian Geese bonding. I read of 14-20 yr olds whose lives are permanently mutilated by the whimsical capricousness of another teenager.

Every single person on Earth will lose a puppy love.

No greater love hath anyone than a 14 yr old for their first arousal. The target of affection needs not be aware of their effect. Just know any rejection is the end of life as known to the kid.

Love ebbs and flows Time only flows

I have read about the galactic shattering calamity of lost infatuation. The rending of flesh. The self immolation.

First kiss to last breath

I don't remember nor the 32,567,982 that followed. I remember one only. I remember the smell of my children's hair when they were babies.

Only one true love

Do you actually believe this emotional BS. Earth has 7.4 billion people. The math is that there are 7,400,000 one in a millions. That is everyone in Hanoi, Bogota, Hong Kong, Baghdad.

Serial monogamy in an open society

It may have been HIV, technological isolation, or who knows? We have become a one on one romantic relationship society. Not in my youth.

"Playing the field" or Polyamorous?

That is one fancy word. I dated our head cheerleader who was dating another school's QB. He was dating 2 others. I regularly dated 4-5 girls who dated other guys. A very few "went steady".

I could fall in love as described on commaful 3 times a day

Have you had more than one dog in your life? I think you young millenials are losing perspective and proportion in your emotional life.

"If we do, will you respect me in the morning?"

Either you want to or don't want to. Stop playing games with sex. "Sure, baby. I'll respect you every bit as much as I do right now."

It's only love if he or she is there when you wake up

If you wake up and eat breakfast together, the sex was meaningful. If not, it was casual and a good time. Do not encumber friendship with drama.

Having sex requires responsibility

You may be of a religion that requires sex after marriage. Irresponsible sex can lead to disease and pregnancy. Be responsinle,

Know who you are. Don't change.

Unless you are dating a sociopath, they won't want you to change. At any weird request, run to the nearest exit.

Your lover is not there to affirm your life's foundations.

Dating and romantic relationships should be fun. A ride on a Ferris wheel. A walk in the park. Watching two morons play video games.

Lighten up, group.

Life is long. It is too long to continually go through these serial disasters in your so called love life.

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