Look the other way
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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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Look the other way

by bernardtwindwil

We have permitted by proclamation

A bully, manipulator, liar, thief, cheat, traitor, womanizer, shallow, self-serving, narcissistic lout to become the President of this great country.

He has a huge following of irrational

small minded willy-nilly cowards salivating and slobbering over his well conceived lies.

A nation of immigrants

now fears and despises immigrants. No one is welcome except for the murderers and thieves of Western European extraction.

Intolerance is the word of the day

In the name of Jesus Christ whom has been elevated to be the American Prince of Hate. We hate lesbians, gays, queers, bisexuals, transsexuals, and any other deviation from the subnormal.

47% of the U.S. population

Are too illiterate to read the US Constitution. 75% of that demographic are on some type of welfare, disability, and or are selling drugs

We outnumber them.

We must overcome their hate with the power of ruthlessness. We cannot be nice and attempt to engage the un-engageable. We have been here before and we have won every time.

So my dear lady liberty

Until the time of our reclamation of decency and democracy

Do please, look the other way.

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