Lament for the Desert
Lament for the Desert desert stories

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So much at stake. I practice with a structure to instill thought discipline in myself. This one is
Enjoy and think

Lament for the Desert

I wrote this because I could not remain silent. I appreciate the desert. I spent my childhood in the high desert. This land is not a political football. You, yeah you Millennials and Gen Z'ers please protect our planet. The Boomers did not.

Looking down from a hill North of Nogales An arroyo and highway cross the border below Where once Villa, Sage, and Obregon battled

A wall scars the land from here to Corrales Antelope and cattle would graze to and fro On ranches that imaginary line had straddled

Fifty thousand years of glacial regress And rain shadows built this llano estacado For deer, antelope, and snakes that rattled

Blood meridian east and west sole boundaries Sand dunes surrender to pine and cedar trees

Dineh, Nide, and O'odham napped Clovis points At war to eke out survival never conjoint

Huachuca peaks with their feet in both lands Thus, they anchor the shifting desert sands

Unbroken Sonoran Desert in all its largesse To be mutilated by man for grandiose show Demagoguery pleasing the hateful who babbled

Fear of being displaced from their lowly progress Second from bottom fear of going down to low Driven by hate and fear they feel embattled

Will rape the land with a wall denying egress That grandiose landscape, that golden tableau Entomb the wall in sands you carry, Ehecatl

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