Just a moment
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Just a moment

by bernardtwindwil

How long is a moment

I have you waited for your name to be called for passing a test? It seems like fossils could form in that moment. When the Dr. says, "I'll be with you in a moment." You could age a lifetime!

How short is a moment

"I only have a moment." These are measured in nano-seconds. " He only has a moment left to live." These moments are over before they begin.

What is a moment

"We're having a moment." A time of importance. This could be agony or ecstasy. You'll remember it! "It only lasted a moment." A brief period of time. Gone in a flash.

A physics moment

a moment is an expression involving the product of a distance and a physical quantity, and in this way it accounts for how the physical quantity is located or arranged.

A statistical moment

For a distribution of mass or probability on a bounded interval, the collection of all the moments (of all orders, from 0 to ∞) uniquely determines the distribution (Hausdorff moment problem).

The moment means a great deal to us.

The very moment I learned my wife was pregnant. The moment of the parabola on the bullet that saved my friend's life. The moment of skew that projected the statistical probability of my theory

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