Is discretion an illusion?
Is discretion an illusion? deepthought stories

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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Is discretion an illusion?

by bernardtwindwil

O.K. y'all this is another one of my esoteric zephyrs

When I read about discoveries in the quantum perplexifere, I wonder about its application in the ethical realm.

I can I make any choice or have an effect on outcomes?

It would seem as if all outcomes and finalities were determined some trillions of years ago by multiple tripping of sub-atomic particle reactions ad infinitum.

Should I become emotionally or intellectually invested,

If "Que sera sera" does it matter what happens as we had no say in the occurrence? Where is my guilt or innocence?

Discretion is subverting the truth where needed.

Is discretion ever a choice I can make or is my discretion an illusion concerning only my immediate emotional relief?

Is guilt or innocence a function of thermodynamics.

Is the person who ,pulls the trigger equally culpable with the man who made the gun, invented gun powder, discovered lead?

Can pre-ordained outcomes be predicted?

Will it ever become possible to predict outcomes? If we intervene, what affect does that have on the past and future?

Is the game rigged?

Oh, hell yes it is. But if you don't bet, no matter what happens or how long ago, you can't win.

Y'all worry and can't sleep and get upset over outcomes.

Maybe that is the way it is supposed to be. At this time of my life I wish I had partied more and studied less. I envy you guys. The whole carnival is ahead of you.

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