I wanted a natural girl
I wanted a natural girl stories

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.fun
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What love is.

I wanted a natural girl

by bernardtwindwil

I was determined to be the kind of man I thought was ideal

I came back to life divorced, one little girl, and the determination to spend the rest of my life doing good, being kind, but being strong to every person I encountered.

I needed a strong, I say again, a strong woman beside me.

I am the marrying type. I always wanted the little house, white picket fence, dog and cat, kids in the yard and a station wagon. Keep your palaces and penthouses.

There was no denying how badly injured I was (PTSD).

I had killed so many men, women, and I am sure, children that I had to let that person die. And give birth to another. One who would help and heal. I attended nursing school at Cal State.

There were fertile fields of Myrtles.

Hundreds of single, divorced, widowed, and still married young women had their lines down trolling for a good man. I was a good one.

There were a plethora of women from which to choose.

Pastures of plenty. Tall , short, skinny, plump, fashionable, plain, hippies, cheerleaders, shy, gushing, intelligent and dumb as a stump. Well now, I had my job cut out. I had an idea.

The old songs told me who I wanted and I was already in love

She had to be natural, no phonies, no drama queens, set her own style. Had to be funny with a great sense of humor. Had to be ambitious. Had to love kids and animals.

I first noticed her maybe not the one but it'd sure be fun

Wearing cut-offs she sat at the front table. I at the rearmost. She bent over to see a physiology project. You could see all the way to her shoulders. One guy in class said, "Nice ass!"

She gets real

She turned around, flipped him off and said the best you're ever gonna see. And the closest. I had a bemused smile. She looked right at me and winked.

The natural girl

She could cuss like a truck driver. She flirted with every man she passed. She laughed and joked constantly. She squirted coke out her nose at on of my jokes.

She walked the walk

She had a great shape and she flaunted it. About 5 feet tall, brown eyes, brunette hair, cherry red lips. Unshaven legs and armpits. It was rolling thunder when she walked.

She talked the talk

We went to an Arty party. It was put on and dull. She took me to her studio. She took and her paint and wanted to do me. Some of that paint's in places I will not show.

She knew what she wanted. I did too.

She was engaged but she had to study. I was the best in all her classes, she knew. She said she had to pass and she'd give me a piece of..whispered in my ear. I said sure but I wanna marry.

She knew how to make a deal for life.

She broke up and I broke down. Three weeks from whisper to alter. We have never looked back and doubted our road.

We knew that love doesn't happen . It takes years of work

Love happens when your two-year-old is up sick all night and you come in and say, "I'll take from here." "Get some sleep."

Love is always becoming

Love happens when she get an award and you are the biggest cheerleader. Love happens when your child says, "I'm glad you married Mama" Love happens at midnight you still haven't made ends meet

There is always more.

love is always new.

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