I gotta pee!
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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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I hate to rehash but N.C. is being ridiculous.

I gotta pee!

by bernardtwindwil

Special Forces Reunion

Fort Bragg, North Carolina. home of the John Kennedy Special Warfare Center. Green Berets studded the head of decrepit old men and young stud muffins alike. We adjourned to return home.

Lexington, NC

Smoked whole hog. Pulled and smoking hot. Vinegar sauce, a side of slaw. Boy oh boy washed down with two quarts of southern champagne, sweetened ice tea.

Time for desert

I better have two servings of peach cobbler. Wash it down with another quart of sweet tea. That is some kind of eating.

Tea is looking for a home

Oh, I had to pee real bad. I headed in a hurry to the men's room.

There are laws here old man!

You have to be in the bathroom of the gender on your birth certificate. I gotta pee! I don't carry my birth certificate on me.

The dilemma of urine.

"How 'bout I show you my package and then pee." "That is a no go! You mighta had surgery." "Damn! I gotta pee!" "No birth certificate, no pee"

The age old solution

They n ever ask for your birth certificate here!

Join ,me in the "Free My Pee" campaign

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aqsamustafaBronze CommaWattpad writer and student eternal
8 months agoReply
Oh God! I am sure this is a real problem for people, but I do have to say great work!!! I and absolutely no idea this happened. I am in! Free my pee! Free my pee! Free my pee!