How to endear yourself to your date.
How to endear yourself to your date. dating stories

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How to endear yourself to your date.

by bernardtwindwil

Relax, be who you really are

Meet your own expectations, not the expectation of others. If they can't fall for you, they are worth having.

Show your true colors but don't show off.

You had enough on show to be asked out. Don't embarrass yourself or your date by being overly flamboyant. You don't have to blow away anyone.

Being you does not mean being nasty

Take a shower. Wash your armpits with shaving cream. Brush your teeth. Use bicarbonate if you have halitosis.

Be pleasant. Don't complain. Don't gossip.

Your ideas are wonderful, let them out a little at a time. But don't be pushed into doing things you do not want to.

Strictly limit yourself on booze, pot, and tobacco products

Being who you are is not being who you are under behavioral modifying chemicals.

Bring a puppy

Have regard for your own dignity. Puppies are affection whores. If you need a puppy, bring one.. Don't act like one.

Take it slowly

This won't be your last date ever. You don't need to hop in bed and make vows of forever with this date. Be cool, chill, put the brakes on your passion.

Don't play games. Don't introduce drama.

People play games because they are not sure of themselves. People initiate drama when they think that they are boring. Be real!

Relax and try to enjoy yourself.

Don't be too eager to please. Don't make yourself a target of a manipulator. This ain't your first rodeo even if it is.

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