How to be a stud muffin.
How to be a stud muffin. dating stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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This is for all the nerdy types
and the terminally shy
This is the dating bible
Go forth and stud

How to be a stud muffin.

by bernardtwindwil

No matter your physique You just can't be a geek

You must fake being erudite also fake that you are polite

Act moody like you're deep Even if you're a shallow creep

Wear a black jacket unzipped And a cigarette lightly lipped

Act like love is a stranger Add just a touch of danger

If she questions your respect You probably should deflect

Have an excuse at the ready If she wants to go steady

You just have to be cool To make the ladies drool

I have given you the book Now dangle the hook

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