How Texas solved the gun problem (a parody)
How Texas solved the gun problem (a parody) stories

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How Texas solved the gun problem (a parody)

by bernardtwindwil

The permit to carry a firearm in Texas

One must take a class on safety and the Texas laws regarding carrying a firearm. In addition, one must pass a marksmanship test for proficiency. Very thorough​ background check.

That law was clearly discriminatory

All citizens have the right to not only equal treatment but, laws that assure equality. Citizens who not specifically denied the right under Texas Law, should be allowed to carry a firearm.

People with sight challenges should be able to carry

The blind have a right to a dog and a gun. The dog will help it owner to aim and bark when it is time to fire it. Why should a blind man have to take a marks,manship test?

Because you act a little strange you still have rights

Citizens who have mental health challenges should have the right to bear arms, I mean guns firearms. Just because they are strange is no reason to deny them their rights.

Advanced age is no reason to deny a citizen's rights

We will all age someday. That is not a reason to deny them self-defense, Hand shaking and forgetfulness means they can't take the written test or the accuracy shooting test.

We all lose our temper once or twenty times when provoked.

Just because your domestic relations aren't the best, that is no reason you should not be permitted to your 2nd Amendment rights. You might need it in your next argument.

People make mistakes forget to pay library fines

Why should little slip ups prevent you from owning a firearm which can be used to defend yourself or in your family business? You never can tell when there is a need to be armed.

The wise and loving lawmakers reached a solution

All citizens of Texas will be permitted to carry firearms all the living and all the dead. Children will be taught firearms safety and marksmanship in school by their gun-toting​ teachers.

Never another school shooting. We'll shoot back

An armed student body is a safe student body. Children will also be encouraged to go scouting and reconnaissance patrols around the schoolyard to hunt perverts .

Don't you wish that you lived in a safe place like Texas?

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