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This is something I really went through in my senior year in high school. It is sort of like the other side of the looking glass from that I see written on here. I became the bad guy to all her friends. Not one of my other girlfriends​ blamed me.


by bernardtwindwil

Yeah it was me

I wanted to taste a big chunk of life​ At 17 I did not want a wife She held my hand, she kissed my lips She told me when she does her h​eart skips

I couldn't agree

Despite the feeling of egregious lust This was not a relationship I could trust She told me she lies awake and thinks of me To satisfy my sexual lust how easy could this be?

I feared entrapment

Her smooth skin and pretty face Was it worth the price of self-disgrace In class, she never took her eyes from me I was not overjoyed with glee

A clinging vine

Although her company was great at first For entangling vines, I did not thirst She demanded my 24/7 attention To escape her, I earned detention

Obsession or Possession​

Her professions of love and eternal possession ​ Without my kiss, she'd have depression She'd call me at all hours of night And not hang up until daylight​

Hostage to her needs

I started to get concerned and did not call Or I'd not show at her place at all She threatened all sort of self-harm​ Once she had even cut her arm.​

What to I get that remains me

She didn't know love from manipulation How could I have loved self-mutilation? This was changing from crush simple and sweet To a horror from which I wanted to retreat.

Sometimes it is greener

I pulled the plug and sought greener pastures I wasn't kidding this was not empty gesture This was nothing like love and more like a hi-jack Al​l I was doing was taking my life back

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