He said Fence not Pence
He said Fence not Pence trump stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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This is dedicated to all the morons who want to build a wall between the US and Mexico

He said Fence not Pence

by bernardtwindwil

O' pioneers who settled the land

You built an empire and stamped your brand Carved out a nation from wilderness by hand We will finish the job that you had planned

The Treaty of Hildalgo made a stand

By building a fence down the Rio Grande Smack in the middle of that empty land Drawing a line in the water and in the sand Keep your rapist at home is our demand

Even through the middle of Big Bend

It will work as well as the wall in Berlin Jobs for thousands to make and to mend This will make the border easy to defend The wall goes on forever with no real end

Like China's Great wall

You know where all my stuff is made y'all I'll build a casino so grand and so tall It will look right over that beautiful wall From all the business I will make a haul

I tell you this was ain't gonna be cheap

Although the price of it may be steep And the Big Bend Canyon terribly deep As a great business man I'll do it in my sleep

But we won't pay I will tell

I'll deal with the devil way down in hell The contract like my taxes will be withheld I may even deal with the Sinaloa cartel

So trust me believe me

When elected I'll make a decree From worries and troubles you'll flee Because you know the work makes you free "Arbeit macht Freiheit."

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