He laughed Part 1
He laughed
Part 1 stories
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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.fun
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This is a story of love, loss, and redemption.

He laughed Part 1

by bernardtwindwil

He was the 2nd boy she ever dated.

She first dated a boy she met at a sorority party in her freshman year in college. He was as handsome as she was beautiful. The All American couple.

That wasn't him.

There was this other guy who was a Teaching Assistant in one of her Chemistry Labs. He was funny, irreverent, brilliant, and he was a baseball star. He was kind but never looked at her.

She read a book on flirting.

She had not dated in high school. She was not the extroverted coy type. She was quiet. She had to make this TA recognize that she existed. She asked him for extra help on an experiment.

She had to find a way.

She had no idea what drew her toward him. Maybe it was because he was always smiling or laughing. She went to one of his games on Saturday. He saw her. He smiled at her. A special smile.

After the game.

He ran over to where she was sitting and told her what time he would pick her up that night. "You don't know where I live". He said "Yes I do ,"and laughed.

Later that evening.

He escorted her to his Jaguar convertible. She was dumb struck. She started to worry that he would just trifle with her. Where are we going she asked. He just laughed and drove.

He took me to a house.

It was an old turn of the century craftsman. It smelled of heaven. An old woman in what looked like a gypsy costume came to the door and embraced him. This is my new girlfriend he laughed.

It became old folks night.

Very old people of all walks of life came in a greeted him. She could not believe my eyes. Everyone loved him. She started thinking maybe she would learn to love him too.

He took her back to the sorority house.

A kiss like no other.

She flushed and curled her toes so hard it made her arches hurt. She felt the flush deep inside. She realized the she was passionately aroused for the first time in her life. She liked it.

House Mother Rules.

At midnight the house mother opened the door. She asked if we were through. She could not speak. He said "Not on your life good lady", and laughed.

That is all for this installment.

I hoped you liked it. If you want me to continue, give me a thumbs up and or comment

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