He laughed. Part two
He laughed.  Part two relationships stories

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A sheltered introverted girl meets a wild extroverted guy.

He laughed. Part two

by bernardtwindwil

Meanwhile back in the laboratory.

He was not there for the lab session. Another TA was there. Her lab partner asked when their old TA would be back. The new TA said he had traded lab sections with the old TA

Shock, panic, dizziness.

She thought he had transferred to get away from her. That what he felt was not the same that she felt. She pushed her way into the corridor

Comic relief

Not seeing well through the tears she bumped into him and her books fell to the floor. They both apologized. He retrieved her books. She clutched them and started on her way again.

A collision of emotions

He took her by her arm and she whirled to meet him. Her eyes were afire. Are you trying to avoid me she asked? I think you are trying to run over me, he laughed.

A spotlight on character.

Why did you trade labs she asked? Because I cannot remain impartial when it comes to grading your work he smiled. It means that much to you? Yes was all he said. He laughed and took her books.

A study session

I want to help you study for the chem finals, he offered. I would like that she said, her cheeks now afire. I'll pick you up at 5 for supper first. Then to my apt. She said We'll study?

The surprise at his apartment

She was treated to supper at one of his Sikh friend's home. Large sheets of butcher paper with the formulas, compounds, and reactions she needed for the final. They plastered the walls.

Another sweet goodnight

He escorted her to the door of the sorority with her rolls of study notes. I am smitten he told her. You have so many other girlfriends she challenged. He laughed.

That is all for this installment

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