Friday 9:58 P.M. Pacific Standard Time
Friday  9:58 P.M. Pacific Standard Time forever stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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One side of a "forever" conversation.

Friday 9:58 P.M. Pacific Standard Time

by bernardtwindwil

"Hi. My name is Tom.

I've seen you around campus. I'd like to get to know you." "Yes, I am trying to hit on you." "Was that your boyfriend? I thought he was your little brother"

"I saw you at the library on....let's see... on...." "Yeah, you're right it was Wednesday." "I was studying for a Microeconomics exam" "What were you studying?"

"Yeah, no kidding?" "I have always been fascinated by sociology" "Tell me what you like about it"

"Let me interrupt you just a minute, would you like another sloe gin fizz? "Here you go. The color of your dress goes beautifully with your eyes." "By the way, go slow I made that strong."

"Would you like to dance?" "Drink up so we don't spill anything" "Sure we can sit down." "Would you mind terribly if I kissed you?"

"I really liked that too." "I want to do it again." "Yes, I have my own place." "It would be quieter to talk."

"Will I respect you in the morning?" "I will respect you every bit as much in the morning as I do right now." "Let's date steady." "How long? Forever until the end of time."

Wednesday 3:45 P.M. Pacific Standard Time

Forever just came to a close.

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