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Wacht am Rhein is an old German Army song. It signifies that the Rhine is where invaders must be stopped.


by bernardtwindwil

Fresh has many nuances

​Sun rising at 4 AM turning dew into diamonds on ripe cherries Like a watchman from the past, I gaze across the river I watch on the Rhine

​​The air is fresh My body fresh A gentle breeze freshening Slowly a barge toils up river Pushing a rolling tide of fresh water. I watch on the Rhine

Gathering clouds promise Fresh rain for fresh grapes for fresh wine ​Children get fresh with their parents I watch on the Rhine

Freshening wind drives the rain People move in swells to shelter Not me I do not run I watch on the Rhine

Bridges? Bridge what, two thousand years ​Animus and greed a fresh Union? The aorta of Europe pumping, pumping I watch on the Rhine

Impassable barrier to invaders of old Divisions and legions drowned in its flood Unpicked by despoiling hands, grapes and cherries. I watch on the Rhine

I will sleep enfolded by Germania Dream of gentle riesling wine I've been here a thousand years I will remain a thousand more I watch on the Rhine​

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