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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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For the masters of words

Forever & Never

by bernardtwindwil

Forever and Never an introspective

What a powerful concept, forever Far more interesting than never Never is finite can be made dim And totally ended at a whim

Forever and never have never mattered beyond themselves

Forever transcends time and space Never has a short fall from grace We give or faith and grace to eternity Reserving not one thing for nonentity

Never is a pervert

I would never cheat on you. Then she entertains coitus with 154 guys while I am otherwise detained Forever could mean until the end of my life Dependency payment would stop to my wife

Forever is a pointless prevarication.

The pedigree of forever extends to that initial quark Back then the earth was hot and oh so very dark. Forever says I was, I am, and always shall be But not either here nor there not for thee

We have wailed, gnashed, self-disfigured

Over these words with a parsimony of meaning I have heard the poems and their pathetic keening To remain in life cast away these words solicitous That do nothing in life to make it felicitous

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