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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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Please read this You don't have to like. Comment if you disagree.

Followers and following

by bernardtwindwil

I have seen many of you commafullers with far more followers

Than you are following

I know this because I visit every profile of whom I follow.

Maybe I am wrong please tell me if I am.

I think that is egotistical and selfish

Does it mean you are only interested in what you write?

Doe it mean you don't care about what others write?

One does not "have" followers one is followed.

2150 writers, poets, and wonderful people follow me.

I follow 2800 writer, philosophers, and good people.

These statistics do not prove I am correct.

I do, however, beg you to consider what I have to say.

Because I care about every one of you.

I feel humble in the presence of this magnificent generation

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