first date

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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first date

by bernardtwindwil

I picked her up in our family limousine.

She was really impressed. I could tell by the way her eyes popped out when I pulled up.

I bringed her flowers.

She really liked my thoughtfulness She showed them to her mother. She didn't sneeze much.

I borrowed a flower for her corsage from my Granny.

Granny didn't mind at all they was just alayin' there by her casket. She had a sweet smile on her face.

I brung my cuzzin, Bubba to chaperone

After five minutes I wished I'da left 'm home. He got fired up early and chased a girl in a car. Caught her too.

We danced all night me and her.

But the dad burn moonshine made it all a blur. I do remember that she shore didn't sweat much fer a girl of her girth.

I took her out t'eat at a real nice place.

She stuffed two whole Shoney doubles right in her face. We drove to a field to see the stars and comets. Those two big burgers caused her to vomit.

I cleaned her off a took her home.

I knowed she weren't gonna be my honeycomb. That first date was like squattin' with yer spurs on.

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@heidilobecker Oh hell yeah!!! Then we got married, grew up, and voted for Trump.

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Ha! Did she say yes to a 2nd date?

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It's peculiar in a lovely way! ;o)

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It's lovely in a peculiar way....