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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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I understand fear. But I don't do it well.

Fear and loving

by bernardtwindwil


An anxious feeling caused by our anticipation of some imagined event or experience. The fear response is a standardized biological reaction.

5 basic fears

Fear, like all other emotions, is basically information. It offers us knowledge and understanding—if we choose to accept it—of our psychobiological status. And there are only five basic fears.


The idea of no longer being, arouses a primary existential anxiety in all normal humans. This is a more fundamental way to express it than just calling it "fear of death.


This isthe fear of losing any part of our precious bodily structure; the thought of having our body's boundaries invaded, or of losing the integrity of any organ, body part, or natural function.

Loss of autonomy

The expectation of being immobilized, paralyzed, restricted, enveloped, overwhelmed, entrapped, imprisoned, smothered, or otherwise controlled by circumstances beyond our control.


The fear of abandonment, rejection, and loss of connectedness; of becoming a non-person—not wanted, respected, or valued by anyone else. The "silent treatment," can be devastating.


The fear of humiliation, shame, or any other mechanism of profound self-disapproval that threatens the loss of integrity of the Self; the fear of the shattering or disintegration of one's self.

Love and fear cannot exist on the same platform

This is for those who are in toxic relationships. The emotion of love and fear compete for the same binding sites in our brain.

I love you but I am afraid of you...

Fear is the rational expectation of insult or assault. I'm afraid you will leave. I am afraid you will hit me. Love cannot exist in an atmosphere of fear

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