Everything you hold dear.
Everything you hold dear. fear stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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Everything you hold dear.

by bernardtwindwil

Is emburdened by the fear of losing it.

Overcoming these fears will help you to attain greater enjoyment. Fear shuts down love. Fear shuts down logic. Fear is a thousand tiny deaths.

Fear blinds you to other of life's wonders.

Fear inhibits sexual satisfaction. Fear depresses the sense of adventure. If you fear losing, how can you fully enjoy having?

That fear can cause emotional blunders

Fear interferes with critical decision making. Fear inhibits empathy for others. Fear blinds you to the needs of others.

You have earned enjoyment without fear.

Very little is permanent, enjoy what you have while you have it. Forget about forever and always. Concentrate on here and now.

Live for precious moments.

A kiss, a smile, a patch of sunshine, a child's birth. Don't waste a second worrying about permanence. I realize that you cannot do this now.

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