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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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I was raised on the High Desert
I know the power of sand


by bernardtwindwil

I go where the wind blows

I will bury you if you stand in my way I move little by little I move day by day

By sea or sun I will never cease

I build waves greater than a storm I come to submerge rocks and trees An inexorable force on the zephyr

You cannot endure

Do not build a pediment in me Only an apocryphal existence I am here I am coming

I will grind down civilization

I will cover your monuments one grain at a time no broom can stay me

My bowels contain your treasures

Your searches have revealed little I have swallowed whole cities I have coughed up tidbits.

I coat in many color

White, tan, red, black yellow, and green used in paintings a sight to be seen quickly comes and quickly goes same result when the wind blows

Shifting moving sand

Sand to sand not dust to dust that is essence of a windy gust sometimes sifting sometimes robust a high desert dweller must adjust

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