Do you and I even see the same moon?

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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An old man wonders of wonders

Do you and I even see the same moon?

by bernardtwindwil

A shape shifter or oak branch

I look up the great oak branch silhouetted against harvest moon it moves in black velvet whispers only when I look away a wraith

Is it the same moon I saw when I was 6

the footsteps weren't there. They were when you were 6 Aalittle boy's chimera rocket ship to the moon to you a tangibility

The far side of the moon

Unfathomable perplexing enigma for little Tommy For you a high definition photograph

I can't remember when I first saw it it stole me away

It filtered through my air we made your air filthy it looks different somehow

The moon commands me to wake whenit is fulgent

We are as old lovers not wanting to lose a moment Do you love her when you gaze upwards

Does she exist only for me Will she remain behind for you

When I am taken from the light Will she weep or just leave

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