Dizzy a biography (part 2)
Dizzy a biography
(part 2) friendship stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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This is a story of the value of friendship.

Dizzy a biography (part 2)

by bernardtwindwil

Our first meeting

A top my head, a brand new green beret First job, I walked into my platoon's bay

SSG Bernard T. Windwillow

There my men sat in total disarray Combat gear in a pile not on display

Senior Medical Sergeant

How could things get worse on this my first day Came a runner with a top-soldier's cliche

Alpha team 1

Inspection in ranks all gear in array Top'll see this mess I thought to my dismay

A Company

A disheveled private shuffled up to say I can make this crappy mess go away

First Battalion

Well private your discipline seems astray If you are magic I'll not you betray

10th Special Forces

Private if you can get this squared away I'll give you a pass make it a three day

United States Army Europe

Intermission. Don't forget popcorn.

United States Army

Private, what shall I call you by the way Dizzy, I'm in your platoon all-the-way

He worked like a demon on the decay With his effort he did my fears allay

That was our first encounter but there is more...much more.

The inspection came without a delay Standing tall smelling just like a bouquet

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