Consenting adults

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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Consenting adults

by bernardtwindwil

No means no. I don't know means no.

If she is buzzed, it is an automatic no. If she is under the age of 18, then no. If she is under emotional duress, no.

This girl will be a woman someday

She will reflect on how you treated her. She is going to be someone's mother She is someone's daughter or sister or aunt or best friend.

She is she a person not an object.

She is not an inanimate object for you to poke. If you pay for a prostitute same rules. Treat her like a lady and you be a gentleman.

If your sexual desire exceeds you ability to control it.

Go to counseling. Talk to a minister. Talk to your Dr. Talk to your father. Or PM me. Don't ruin two peoples life because you can't control yourself.

Young man for your own sake do not force any woman.

Sex is a wonderful beautiful thing between to consenting adults.

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You are my favorite @bernardtwindwil A great post

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A great post Bernard I'm constantly amazed by how many young men have not been taught or refuse to accept basic decency when it comes to interaction between the sexes