Cold day in November
Cold day in November immortality stories

bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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Immortality is ours for the thinking. But I would rather be a legend in my own time. I can leave that legacy to my grandchildren.

Cold day in November

I know that I will always remember

That cold rainy day in late November

My eyes they did brim over with my tears

That Monday I waited for you after class

My heart it was as fragile as brittle glass

You ran away I stood there on the grass

I knew why you ran without a single word

My apology would remain unheard

Pain misery from me you've endured

Forever was too much to ask of you

Being a man was to me something new

Of steadfastness and love, I had no clue

I would pout and whine and antagonize

Your moods and needs I would not recognize

Selfish as I was this is no surprise

I saw your form diminish from my life

That which I had done cut me like a knife

I'd the fantasy of you as my wife

I have changed so much since that awful day

I wonder if you think of me today

T'was never my intention to betray

Do you recall the cabin in the snow

The little cast iron stove with its red glow

I was so new to love I guess, you know

If I could tell you in all tenderness

That I did cherish each tender caress

That I have learned from youthful craziness

Was all this pain and love from just last week

I am many many years past my peak

The spirit's willing but the flesh is weak

Janey I remember was your sweet name

Are you still above ground my shining flame

How I wish those hours to we could reclaim

Where do all those intense passions belong

Is it possible for love to linger long

After we all have past and have all gone

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